Plant Growing LED

If your plan is
to grow
diverse plants
by LED Technology,
Then, let us support you!!

If your aim is to utilize LED light to grow various Lettuce types, Colored vegetables, Herbal plants, Edible flowers, Tomatoes, Pepper, Cucumber, Eggplant, or even fruit vegetables such as Strawberries, then our new LED-light series “AGRO’S” can do this mission for you.

Introducing the White LED

It is a high-efficiency white LED that is characterized by radiating a large quantity of light with relatively low power consumption.
The electricity bill, which accounts for most of plant factories’ costs, can be reduced, and hence greatly contributes to the reduction of running costs.
Practically, this LED has excellent cost and time saving performance with easiness in installing and connecting them in any number, which leads to reducing the initial investment.

White LED
White LED’s Spectrum graph

Introduction of 5-wavelength spectrum LED

This is Shibakawa standard LED equipped with a hybrid structure reflector that collects and diffuses light, and has a product feature that other companies do not have, realizing five wavelengths including ultraviolet (UVA) and far-infrared (FR).
It is suitable for specific plant growing such as promotion of cultivation speed, coloring of stems, and deliciousness, and is recommended for those who are considering value-added cultivation (such as strawberries, edible flowers, tomatoes, cucumber, melon, etc). It can be used for Inter-Lighting in green houses as well.

Reflector (patented, patent number 6518375)
5 wave Lengths LED’s Spectrum graph

For customers who would like to pursue the optimum light environment

Shibakawa’ s own software for light simulation can be utilized for you.

We can propose the optimum spacing and number of LEDs according to the customer’s cultivation environment. the running cost can be simulated as well based on your specific installation conditions.

The optimum light to your plant environment can be proposed too, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Illuminance Map

Smart LED: For customers who want to pursue the light’s optimum spectrum and optimum intensity

Shibakawa is developing a dimmable LEDs that can adjust the suitable spectrum and light intensity for plants.
If you want to change the spectrum depending on the cultivar, or if you would wish to change the light intensity depending on the time of the growing cycle, or if you would like to have special featured vegetables or fruits or any wish you may have, then you arrived to your destination. Here, Shibakawa aims to cover your wishes. Our dimmable LED can be a smart tool for customers who working to improve cultivation efficiency and develop high-value-added vegetables and fruits. We are ready to receive your contact and support you.

Irradiation based on blue
Irradiation based on red

For customers who needs a reduction in the initial costs

Some times installing LEDs on the cultivation shelves can be trouble some for many customers. Nowadays, the work of attaching one LED to a cultivation shelf is more difficult than expected, and the larger the factory, the greater the installation costs.
Shibakawa can ease this task for you. We have mounting attachments that match the customer’s shelves using its own molding technology.
In this regard, Shibakawa can offer you the proposal that lead to a reduction in initial costs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have an interest.

Image of Installed LED’s

Hydroponics Examples

[You can also grow these plants]
●Nadesico ●Viola ●Nastatum ●Time ●Arugula ●Basil 
●Pepper etc.
Romaine lettuce
Swiss chard
Leaf lettuce