Product Information

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) Consigment Production

We perform OEM process of precision products using optical, electrical, and mechanical technologies embedded in the camera flash. Hence, we handle several operations, such as Vapor deposition, molding, painting, printing, parts procurement, mounting, assembly, inspection, and packaging. We are able to respond consistently, and are expanding our know-how, technology innovation, and high-quality production into new fields such as electronics products, healthcare products, disaster prevention products, and automotive products.
Exterior unit
for single-lens reflex camera
Video camera exterior unit

Plasma polymerization vapor deposition

We perform the process of “aluminum vapor deposition” and “plasma polymerization aluminum vapor deposition”. We accurately ensure vapor deposition on the reflective surface of optical parts, especially precision plastic parts. We have also introduced a “Plasma Polymerized Aluminum Deposition Machine” optimized for on-vehicle headlamps. Since there are 30t and 50t molding machines for small precision parts, molding and deposition can be handled consistently.
Various reflectors
Reflector (for flashlight)
Reflector (for submarine camera)
LED reflector


We produce injection molds for precision parts at our Zhuhai factory in China. In addition, the Headquarters’ Manufacturing Technology Center is also engaged in the production of mold pieces using “RoboNano” and the production of prototype processing using “ROBONANO”, which is directly cut into plastic resin. FANUC’s ROBONANO (5-axis nano-processing machine) can perform the cutting into nano pieces on the nanometer order. In particular, Milling, lathe, and cutting that take advantage of the 5-axis characteristics are possible. Mirror surface treatment (less than Ra0.1) is possible only by this cutting method.
Injection mold
Mold piece production
at RoboNano
Direct cutting to resin
with “RoboNano”

Molding / Painting

We conduct consignment production of “injection molding” centering on precision plastic parts. Optical designs such as Fresnel lenses, reflectors, optical lenses, and LED lighting are available. The Thai factory has introduced a large-scale coating line that can handle color variations as well.
Flashlight / Fresnel lens
Video light lens
LED lens
Prism panel
Painted parts
Painted parts

PCB Mounting

The PCB Consigned production of “substrate mounting” in our China factory is Applicable from 6-layer PCB to FPC mounting.
6-layer PCB
6-layer PCB
Mounting FPC

Semi-finished product / finished product (flash unit)

One of Shibakawa’s strengths is that we can consistently handle all operations from prototyping to mass production, from optical design to circuit and mechanism design, and from mold based production to mounting, molding, painting, and assembly in our factories. This strength is fully proved in our precise products such as flash units, which are always required to be smaller and more efficient.
Flash unit (strobe)
Flash unit (strobe)
Flash unit (for DSC)
Flash unit (for DSC)

Finished products (accessory)

Strobe camera code
Additional battery grip
for SLR cameras
Camera / strobe fixing bracket