Company information

SHIBAKAWA MFG CO.,LTD. was founded in 1967 and boasted the top share of reflectors for flashlights.
We have established our own position as a manufacturer that controls artificial light.

Company lessons

Stay true to self
Think of others as you are in their position and always do your best.
(Continuous development through coexistence with stakeholders)

Shibakawa Corporate Philosophy

We will live in harmony with society through manufacturing, with the starting point of being faithful to our conscience.
“Conscience for customers”
Quality-oriented, supply responsibility, strict adherence to delivery date.

“Conscience for business partners”
continuous growth and development based on fair and equal partnerships

“Conscience for employees”
Respect for independence and provide a place for self-fulfillment

“Conscience for the global society and the environment”
Long-term and continuous growth and improvement of corporate value
(1) Quality-oriented, fast and efficient
(2) Supply responsibility / strict delivery
(3)Fair and equal business partners
(4) Integrated manufacturing and sales / rapid communication
(5) Independence
(6) Passion, challenge, self-fulfillment
The Outlook
Aiming to be the world’s best manufacturing company in the field of controlling artificial light.
Utilizing and developing technologies such as optics, electricity, assembly, molding, painting, molds, and others that cultivated in precision equipment manufacturing,
and can Contribute to the development of Japan’s manufacturing industry.