Company information

SHIBAKAWA MFG CO.,LTD. was founded in 1967 and boasted the top share of reflectors for flashlights.
We have established our own position as a manufacturer that controls artificial light.

Message from the President

Since its establishment in 1967, SHIBAKAWA MFG CO.,LTD., has worked hard to make smart products by applying the vapor-deposition techniques, as well as the manufacturing and assembly of camera-related parts. During this time, various technologies have been evolved. Although there was a continuous challenge in parallel with the product market change, we have been learning, developing, and innovating our products to absorb flexibly the change of times and respond dynamically to the customer interests and needs. Henceforth, we innovated a special featured Agriculture LEDs as an update to our product lines.
Shibakawa raises “Stay true to self” as its corporate philosophy. With the time space passing so quickly, a corporate individual can look of whether his behavior and activity is something to be proud with, but not ashamed of. Simply, by evaluating his production yield, through perceiving that yield’s social worth and whether it has or not the considerable user-oriented value? Also, whether being conscious or not, through his actions and activities; of the global environment where people and other creatures do live? Here Our company are, and will continue; faithfully implementing the basics of such a manufacturing industry based on this conscience.
The products we handle are gradually changing, but we are pursuing the way of making things without changing the viewpoint of controlling artificial light and by using the related technology widely for the industry and consumers. We hope to contribute to the innovative development of the manufacturing industry not only in Japan but also worldwide.
We are looking forward to your continuing care and support.
President and Representative Director Taiju Yamada