Quality and Environmental Initiatives

Quality policy

Shibakawa MFG Co., Ltd. will develop its business based on this quality policy in order to provide customers with reliable products and services.

1.Improve customer satisfaction
We take customer feedback seriously and always aim to continuously improve [ Quality, Delivery Time, and Reasonable Price].

2.Reliable and safe design thinking
We offer safety and environmentally friendly products with the highest quality in the market by our original and advanced technology.

3.Periodic review of quality control
Quality objectives are set to achieve customer satisfaction through the design thinking, and the progress is regularly reviewed.

4.Continuous improvement of quality management system (QMS)
We will continually improve the manufacturing process based on this quality policy.

This quality policy is conveyed to all employees and implemented. In addition, it will be disclosed in response to external requests.

Established January 9, 2019

Environmental policy

Shibakawa Mfg. Co., Ltd. will comply with laws and regulations and other requirements. By complying to this policy, the Company, through the following development, manufacture and sale of electrical machinery equipment parts; will strive to continuously improve the environment and prevent pollution.

1.Establish an environmental management system and promote environmental conservation activities to contribute to the development of society.

2.Regularly review policies, objectives and targets and actively promote global environmental issues.

3.Cooperate with interested parties and harmonize with the local community to make an active contribution with our own conscience and strive for coexistence and prosperity.

This environmental policy will be conveyed to all employees and made public in response to external requests.

January 9, 2019

Chemical substance management policy

Shibakawa MFG Co., Ltd., based on the philosophy of “Coexistence with Society”, prevents the inclusion of chemical substances that are harmful to the human body and the environment, and the exposure of harmful chemical substances used in the process to the human body and the environment. In order to do so, the “Management Policy for Chemical Substances in Products” and the “Basic Shibakawa Green Procurement Policy” will be established.

1.Shibakawa’s Management Policy for Chemical Substances
Shibakawa’s Management Policy for Chemical Substances in Products Based on Shibakawa’s Guidelines for the Management of Chemical Substances in Products, comply with laws and regulations and other customer requirements agreed to by the Company, manage chemical substances contained in products and chemical substances used in processes, and Promote appropriate management throughout the supply chain by requesting implementation of management.

2.Shibakawa’s Basic Green Procurement Policy
●Procurement that gives priority to environmental impact.
●Give priority to suppliers that are actively engaged in environmental conservation.

In response to customer requests, the Company shall provide information on chemical substances contained in products and Disclose the management status. This policy will be reviewed and maintained as necessary.