Corporate Principle and Discipline

gBe faithful to your own conscience.h

Shibakawa Manufacturing Co., Ltd., sets the principle for its operations that each employee of Shibakawa should act faithfully based on his/her individual conscience as the genuine international standard. Shibakawa wishes to live together with society and foster sympathy with people through manufacturing activities.

Guideline for Corporate Action of Shibakawa Group

To be faithful to your conscience

We will take corporate action in accordance with sound, fair business ethics and international standards.

For the customer

We will develop and provide customer oriented, attractive products.

For the environment

We will create a clean, comfortable living environment and strive for harmony with society.

For the employees and the company

The company should provide a place where each employee can realize his/her dream, and each employee should aim enhancement of status of the company and the employees in the society realizing a leap and individual action for independence, creativity, and diversity.

A company open to society

We will endeavor to establish transparent management of the company by active disclosure of information.

Fair trade

We will realize continuous growth and development based on a fair and equal partnership with the suppliers and the customers.

Promote the management

We will endeavor to simplify, improve, and clarify the entire management process in order to create an everlastingly vital company by strengthening management power.

Integration of manufacturing and sales

We will create a vigorous corporate culture integrating manufacturing and sales.