Dr. Bilhaj’s Planting Diary

Bilhaj, Abdulkhalig Ali Dou
Dec 3, 2019
Shibakawa MFG also participated in the “9th Agriculture Week” held at Makuhari-Messe International Exhibition. Part3


Hello our dear reader.

I am here, back again to share you the 3rd part of our exhibiting activity information.


October 9 (Wednesday)-October 11 (Friday), 2019 “9th Agriculture Week”, part 3.

Thank you again for visiting the exhibition booth at Shibakawa MFG.


We would like to write to you about our future “Spectrum Intensity Controllable LED”,

which is still in the research and development phase.

Intensity control not only for the light as a whole

but of course the intensity balance control of every spectrum as well.


In Agriculture Week, we showed our guests how the intensity controllable LED

can be wirelessly adapted easily through a tablet device.


Many visitors were very interested in this prospective adjustable light Technology.

I was able to hear many new ideas of possible usage too.


There are various parameters controls the quality of plant cultivation

such as “light” “water” “carbon dioxide” “temperature” “humidity” and many others.

In fact, all of these conditions need to be optimized.


One of our tasks is to easily control and adjust light corresponding to any optimization needs.


At this exhibition, “Spectrum Intensity Controllable Type LED” was exhibited.

This “Spectrum Intensity Controllable” means making an “optimal light” in the growing process of any plant.



For example, adjusting the growth effective ratio of red and blue,

as well as adjusting the light spectrum intensity.


Here are some benefits of light spectrum intensity control

・ Contributes to measures against plant physiological disorders such as lettuce chip burn.

・ support to color control of leaves and fruits.

・ adjusting the taste.

・ strengthening the smell of fruits and herbs.

・ Optimal light control for specific plants or specific purposes becomes possible.

・ Measures to inhibit photosynthesis caused by excessive light (photoinhibition) are also possible.

・smooth light adjustment such as image reproduction of sunrise and sunset is also possible.

・ Reduces power consumption by reducing extra wavelengths

  and light intensity corresponding to the growing season.

・ Stable output of LED light quantity can be maintained.

・ For plant and agriculture research, it is not necessary any more

  to prepare several LED types with different characteristics.


In this way, the adaptation system can handle various situations.

Furthermore, by utilizing a wireless LAN network and a dedicated application,

Wireless and remote operations become possible with a PC, tablet, smartphone, or from any mobile devise.

In the future, we are planning to enhance this sophisticated technology

with its software programs so that any user can set his original conditions for his own purposes.


As you can see, there are many issues that must be achieved with

this “spectrum strength adaptable system”.

We will continue our R&D to achieve a mass production of Spectrum Intensity Controllable LED lighting for

smart next generation agriculture.


Do you love to use this controllable light in your indoor cultivation system?

If so, please do not hesitate to contact us through our website.


Looking forward to see you in the next article!!


Nov 21, 2019
Shibakawa MFG also participated in the “9th Agriculture Week” held at Makuhari-Messe International Exhibition. Part2

Our dear reader, welcome…

this is Bilhaj with you again!!


October 9 (Wed)-October 11 (Fri), 2019

“9th Agriculture Week” Thank you for visiting the exhibition booth at Shibakawa booth.


Let me start with this question: What is Inter-lighting?

Inter-lighting is a method of growing tall plants and harvest them all the year round.

Normally it gives a bidirectional light positioned between plants as a supplementary light for the Green-Houses.

The supplementary light can be used in winter, or in areas with no enough sunlight, or even as compensation of light on shaded part by upper leaves and neighboring plants.

Of course, Shibakawa LED ” AGRO’S” can be used this way as  a supplementary light for the Green-Houses.

But not only that, moreover and through my recent experiments in Shibakawa Laboratories, I proved that, Shibakawa LED ” AGRO’S” can be used for tall plants totally indoor, totally hydroponics, and as 100% Inter-lighting in no-sunlight at all.

As I already showed to our guests in the exhibition.


Hence, this time, I would like to convey you the “inter-lighting” part of our booth at the Agriculture Week exhibition.


The plants on this display shelf contained the following vegetables:

・ Tomato

・ Cucumber

・ Eggplant

・ Pepper

・Bell pepper (capsicum)


for our booth guests, I felt so sorry that the tomatoes was not ripen yet at the time of exhibition.



Comparing to lettuce and many fast-to-harvest vegetables, and as a different way of cultivation,

We used our LEDs as an Inter-lighting for tall vegetables such as the types mentioned above.

By utilizing “Inter-lighting” using the Shibakawa MFG “AGRO ’S” technology, you can grow your own tomatoes or other tall vegetables.

You can grow them in the best conditions, always fresh, and harvestable throughout the year.

So, you can use “AGRO ’S” totally indoor in a hydroponic system, or as a supplementary light in your Green-House.



In similar way, by using our high-tech “AGRO’S”, you can insert in your hydroponic system such vegetables that grow large.



Our inter-lighting research has just begun.

Certainly, we will continue our smart research, development, and innovation to support you and surpass your expectations.


This inter-lighting is really attractive, Isn’t it?


Wouldn’t you like to use “AGRO ’S” for inter-lighting in your Green-House cultivation or in your indoor hydroponic plant factory?

If you are interested, just drop us a mail from our website, and you will get supported!!


I am looking forward to meet you in the coming soon article as well!!


Nov 14, 2019
Shibakawa MFG also participated in the “9th Agriculture Week” held at Makuhari-Messe International Exhibition.

Dear Reader!


From 9th to 11th of October, 2019, Shibakawa MFG also participated in the “9th Agriculture Week” held at Makuhari-Messe International Exhibition.

We would like to thank you so much indeed for visiting our booth at the exhibition.



For the 3 days of the exhibition, I was there.

Actually, I was very glad to have the opportunity to meet with many people from Japan and around the world, talk to them, and explain about our advanced LED technologies.



Shibakawa MFG do design, manufacture, and sell “AGRO’S”, the latest version of “plant-growing LED”.


In addition, in our laboratories, we test these LEDs on diversity of plants and verify whether these plants grow properly and happily. Continuously, as a part of my research, we compare the plant’s growing speed, color, taste, and production size, not only under different types of our LEDs but with LEDs of other makers as well.


From this simple window, I would like to convey to you “our dear reader” the outline and value of our agriculture-week participation.

Shibakawa booth contains 3 main exhibiting parts. The 1st part of them, is the result of using our LED on a vegetable hydroponics system. we showed how “AGRO’S” can efficiently support growing many vegetables, such as Lettuce, Herbs, Edible flowers, etc. In fact, it was very hard to adapt the growing level of these many vegetables simultaneously to the schedule of the exhibition. Because the growing environment differ from one vegetable type to another.


This photo shows how lettuce can grow with Shibakawa LED.

How these vegetables look like? very delicious, are not they!



In this exhibition, also we exhibited the “edible flowers” grown by Shibakawa LED with the cooperation of Yozawa-Vegetable-Garden of Okinawa.

You can imagine how beautiful your home meal will look like with these eatable “edible flowers”!!



Here are examples of the vegitables we show at the 9th Agriculture Week.

・ Frill lettuce

・ Romaine lettuce

・ Lolo Rossa

・ Bok-choy

・ basil

・ Italian parsley

・ Swiss chard


We showed also the growing of



・green and colorful bell peppers


by different method, which I would like to talk to you about in the coming diary.


If you want to grow any vegetable or fruit, or if you like just to test our efficient LED lighting,

Please contact us from our website.


we look forward to write to you next time too!!